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Thank you for visiting our vi-che website. We would proudly like to introduce you to Brazilian waxing or waxing depilation. Waxing is very popular overseas and is becoming better known yet very behind in Japan. With our efforts, our service has been satisfying many clients. Because of their requests and our wish to continue to introduce its appeal to more people, we finally launched our service in Yokohama.
Our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by aromas associated with a Hawaiian beach.

Vi-che staff are licensed in JAA Aroma Coordinator and NARD Aroma Advisor promise more satisfaction to provide body treatments and reflexology.
Unwanted hair removal is one of important etiquettes for ladies. Come and visit vi-che to explore the new world with waxing depilation.
If you have any doubts or questions about Brazilian waxing, waxing hair-removal, or body treatment, let us help make it clear for you!

Our salon is Appointment only

・・・・・ The private room is only for you

opening hour

※Holiday Tuesday



Brazilian waxing

¥7500→ ¥5500!

※at your first visit,only female

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