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Vi-che uses only professional aroma to give you more relaxing atmosphere.
Because of your skin to apply, we are very selective in our aroma extract

100% natural aroma oils that vi-che uses are all pralonam extract..

These oils pass all 29 safety tests such as an inspection for pesticide residue and anti oxidant test.  Each bottle has complete analysis and ingredients labeled by institution where Ministry of health labor and welfare approves.  For more safety matters, they are examined and tested again after the completion of import to Japan.


We are very particular about what to use because we are licensed in both JAA Aroma Coordinator and NARD Aroma Advisor.

Private room

Vi-che is located 5 minutes walk from Yokohama JR Station.

You’ll enjoy a sensational feeling as if you were lying down on the beach in Hawaii.


We are here to relax you and give you a petite vacation hour to forget everything from daily busy urban life.